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turn off your name pt. 2 by jon epworth

Released on Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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fallout shelters Lyrics (by jon epworth)

swinging from vine to vine banging on my chest
faking muscle bound vest thinking
i can get a way with whatever i wish

waiting for the lead to bleed smash a bottle of teacher's
over my head i'm a braggart telling women
that i'm as good as it gets

they build fallout shelters for criminals and innocents
but good guys can turn into bad guys
and when you walk away your own brother
might just shoot you from behind

feel like i've been hit by a truck
the placebo's the thing that's messing me up
i've done so many drugs that i firmly believe in luck

being the way that i've seen if a man cheats a woman
he'll do it again so ignore all the flowers
and crying he does in between
ignore all the flowers and crying i do in between

they build fallout shelters...

FREE Download: jon epworth - fallout shelters.mp3 (via Bandcamp).