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turn off your name pt. 2 by jon epworth

Released on Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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murderers Lyrics (by jon epworth)

paragons of modern convenience
slick with the grease of routine
an appetite for all things easy
excuses every moral defeat
in the golden age of information
what exactly is the taste
flavoured by the combination of cold meat lockers
and expiry dates
everything comes from somewhere
no matter how you might perceive

thirty years in support of a system
thirty years of flat denial
all it took was a thought and a question
to leave me mortified
the uninformed among us remain so by choice
and so by choice we remain


that a race exists in cages who are born into misery
what device was enabled within me
overriding my sympathy i have been wrong

i will no longer be defined by the will
of these arrogant times
i will live as a man of compassion
i will change my entire life
for the ones who are torn from their mothers
never knowing night or day
subjected to countless injections and
living for our intake
i hear the wails and the cries
of the lives i have denied

oh we are murderers

FREE Download: jon epworth - murderers.mp3 (via Bandcamp).