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Diskopatska by Fang

Released on Thursday, February 24th, 2011
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Things I Lose Lyrics (by Fang)

Early morning leaving town
left my sweater to be found
Whose body will it come to fit?
What happens to the things I’ve left?

Late night, the closing crowd
left my guitar to be found
Whose fingers will its callous grow?
Whose songs on the radio?

Where do all the things I lose go?
I hope they’re keeping you warm
Where do all the things I lose go?
And, will they ever come?

Wide field, my dog won’t stop
missing posters on every block
Whose voice will he come to obey?
Why do good dogs run away?

I know you only in this room
single nights to sweat us through
Whose frailty will you come to need?
What will happen when they leave?


We are the body of what remains…

FREE Download: Fang - Things I Lose.mp3 (via Bandcamp).