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Bucket List by featherweight

Released on Sunday, August 14th, 2011
More lyrics from Bucket ListHe Looked Down At His Mundane Life,

And Took A Leap Of Faith Lyrics (by featherweight)

Step into me, take a walk, feel my mind, and taste a thought. You'll stay in there and never leave, till claustrophobia kicks in and you fly out with a sneeze. Feel the sun on the back of my neck and the wind blowing my hair. I tried to live life safer, but that safety leaves nothing there. I cut my knee and while its open, you slip inside my body. I leap with you inside me. I'm falling. My eyes are close and I'm scared. Insecurities flare and die. Now, I'm alright I read this list again. It's memorized by beat. I forget. I crash the ground my soul dismissed. I'm embarrassed. Yet, find bliss from a bucket list.