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Bucket List by featherweight

Released on Sunday, August 14th, 2011
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He Looked Down At His Mundane Life Lyrics (by featherweight)

Close your eyes and look up to the skies as you open the door to look at the world. You are a cloud, but until you step off you are a waste of a breathing body. You have nobody. You are the worst person I know. "I know." Your body is dying so take a step or live with fear inside you. In a life that is frightening, this list of bad ideas keeps me surviving. Unfold a page wide and long ways as you see the list that you designed. " scale a globe, see Morocco and France, and slip into romance." So, you're skydiving. This is the first task on your mind. "I'm fine," you say with indifference. You fall in a seat terrified your brain is in heat.