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South by figure/ground

Released on Sunday, August 7th, 2011
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Shaking Hands Lyrics (by figure/ground)

my fingers freeze stiff.
I stand cold and motionless,
watching my visible breath,
and feeling like I can’t move my legs.
my shaking hands breed lonely pangs. the chill expands. it all feels dead
and their lifeless lives pass right on by, protected by what they pretend.

this air’s too cold for my fist to hold.
since my fingers froze, there’s nothing i can hold.

heartless hearts pass by in cars. they drive by, unaware that i’m out here. they don’t care if i cease to breathe again cause if I die alone it’s one less home occupied.
lifeless lives pass right on by. they leave me shivering cold and all alone to rot here,
hopelessly coping, hopelessly hoping, hopeless.
empty handed, empty hearted, empty.
they’re wrapped up in bullshit / stories so meaningless, criticizing, they can’t be bothered
and if they meet me, they’ll extend their hands to shake, but hide their hearts away, like that will keep them safe to cling to semen / their sick smiles that I fucking hate.

this air’s too cold for my fist to hold.
since my fingers froze, there’s nothing i can hold.

but the movement’s contagious.
I walk just like them,
vacuous, unimpressed,
next stop: ignoring this.
and keeping with the changes:
frigid, empty, pretending, heartless (just ignoring this), lifeless (i am just like them)

and maybe some red runs through the ground’s lungs,
but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

(their hearts are frozen stiff. they are cold, emotionless.)
and i’m no better,
putting on a constant front
like it’s some kind of sweater…
something that might keep me warm,
but my heart’s just become deformed.

FREE Download: figure/ground - Shaking Hands.mp3 (via Bandcamp).