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Something I'll Never Miss by Flawless

Released on Friday, December 16th, 2011
More lyrics from Something I'll Never MissLeap Year, 1992, Words, Free at Last,

Model Home Lyrics (by Flawless)

I was walking down the street late at night I was kicking rocks as I walked on by I was talking to myself to get me through another fight that's brought on all by you

I said pick yourself up and keep going there's worse in this life than not knowing
Don't bury your head in the grass thats been growing just pick yourself don't let go

There's a lot that I don't like about this place the smell of booze and the drunk look on her face so I'll take a walk outside to clear my head I'll think real hard and remember what I said

And if you can't find the words you need to help you,
look in your heart they're right by you,
know inside you'll always get through
Time after time you'll what to do

Im through and done with all of this you're something I'll never miss
Im through and done with all of this it's something I'll never miss

The hills collide, the cracks defined, I've been alright but now good bye to everyone I'm through and done with all of this It's something I'll never miss

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