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Live at Spiridon Hall by Foxtails Brigade

Released on Thursday, June 10th, 2010
More lyrics from Live at Spiridon HallPan-Asian Delight - Live, Last of a Dying Breed,

Steak and Cookies Lyrics (by Foxtails Brigade)

If you could feel a thousand spiders crawling lightly
down your arm you'd never think that
After fifteen years of the windows taped up tightly
could prevent the sun from burning brightly.

Still we'd continue to play
never minding the way
the floor kept
on moving!

Some ones at the door!
It's mom back from the store!
But she just left five minutes ago?!!?

And if we go outside
I will seek and you can hide
But soon enough the boss will find us
both and if we dare
we can act like we don't care
But steak and cookies always wins fair and square!

Well thank you, now come let's go
Mother's already begun to watch
My Life As A Dog.

Now that all the snails are sleeping in your Ovaltine
Choose your brother or your friends,
Now who's it gonna be!

Not even the sunflowers,
monstrous as they seemed,
Towering high overhead,
could scare as much as she.

Mixing dead baby chickens
with white cake in the kitchen
It somehow never fails to paralyze.
It plagues just like the raindrops
tapping on the rooftops
And all the penguins that can't remain

How dare you!
Now they've got to go
They will never get to see snow
Or grow old!

When I don't recognize your face
in another place
You won't even know my name
and we will have changed
So say that you'll never want more
and I'll close the door.

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