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Anecdotes and Inside Jokes by Freudian Slip

Released on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011
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Double Jameson Blues Lyrics (by Freudian Slip)

So it's written in stone
but my mind crushed my bone like an enemy
so it's written in sand
but the blood on my hand became the scenery

So I'll drink my martini, and smoke my cigars
in the hope that you'll carry me home
I've been here for hours
the days turned to weeks
I'm no longer the man that you've known

So it's written in air
but I guess just fair with the state I'm in

i can't wait for much longer
i'm biding my time
and i'm drinking my whiskey with wine
I look through these photos
it's needless to say
you are smiling, I'm standing behind

you wiped your tears from your sleeve
then you startled, and looked up at me
you reached for my soul, but it felt indifferently

Now i've finished my martini
I have no more cigars
and you still haven't carried me home
I still look at these photos
they span over years
you're still smiling, I'm still unknown

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