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Ancient Vacation by INCAN ABRAHAM

Released on Monday, October 10th, 2011
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Paper Army Lyrics (by INCAN ABRAHAM)

I'm painting pictures
I'm parrying your scriptures with my hands
lay my head down
pray that when I wake you've come and gone
electric textures and embryonic fissures will always make amends
for the hand-drawn leaders of our paper army shame
and you know us all by name
and everything's for sale.

Wrapped all the angels in cables
and estranged them from the shell that they came in
thought just for a second that i'd cry
smoke break elixir
take 6 and make a mixture of their sovereign names
playing post card carriages to places far away
and you know us all by name
and everything's for sale
and you knows us all by name.

Wanna die when I hear you say,
that I can't say it all
later on we'll paper mache
something ageless

I'll tell the angels,
I'm telling all the angels that I'm scared of the outcome
pray for things to come but know they wont
we're on the inside
you really are the friends that I knew all along!
but you will not tell us all the things you wanna know

FREE Download: INCAN ABRAHAM - Paper Army.mp3 (via Bandcamp).