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Somewhere I Can Hear My Heart Beating by Inverness

Released on Sunday, October 24th, 2010
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Room In Twilight Lyrics (by Inverness)

sunlight withers through the clouds
as the air moves slowly through the house
the living room silently awaits
for the wood to reveal winter's fate
i sit alone and think of a way
to turn the floor into a park in spring
the cold starts to sneak in through the door
like a ghost, hiding what it brings

the lights start fading over time
yet my tired eyes seem to realise

that i've been staring at the lines
the glow draws all over the walls
and the shadows playing with the lights
like children running in the dark
holding the sun as their prize
calling the night with their cries
painting my eyes with the ink
the gloom spills over everything

my room comes alive at twilight

although i try to, sometimes i can't see it
in through the window a blue light surrounding
like tides in the ocean the waves break around me
their colours the hue of a blood spilled in battle
the sun and the moon draw swords over the evening
in their wake i rest on the blossoming stillness

something so simple, the falling of darkness
can keep my mind at work for hours

i sit and wait for summertime

i lay down and i think of things to do with you
because i know
somewhere in the darkness
glows the shadow of your passion

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