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It's Just Vanity Lyrics

Here's What You Remember From A Coma Download album for Free

Released March 2010
  1. I Good You Bid Evening Search Google
  2. Your Death Is No Longer Necessary Search Google
  3. When I Was Fancy Too
  4. The Dream of Hearing These Words When Someone Really Means Them Search Google
  5. The Little Things...There's Nothing Bigger Search Google
  6. I'm Frozen, You're Dead, and I Love You Search Google
  7. Take It Easy, Face Search Google
  8. Forgive Me, I'm Blowing Your Mind Search Google
  9. My Planes Filled the Sky Search Google

The Same Height EP Buy Album directly from It's Just Vanity via their Bandcamp account.

Released August 2011
  1. Dude, I Never Got Into College and Check Me Out, I'm Kick Ass
  2. I Hate This Job, I'm Gonna Burn This Mother Down...
  3. ...And I Was Like, You Better Not...You Better Not

The Strangers EP Download album for Free

Released July 2009
  1. I'm Really Concerned About Dying in the Fire
  2. Oh Kiddo, You Don't Even Know
  3. Scraps For My Scrapbook

IJV+TGIL Split EP Download album for Free

Released November 2011
  1. Second Elevation
  2. Are You Aware Of Garfield?