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Lonely Kids In Dead End Homes by Judges

Released on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
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Empty Childhood Lyrics (by Judges)

All that she has ever had in this life, is just a drunk for a father and a mother who barely knows her. She’s down on her knees praying for an escape. She doesn’t expect much to come of it. Because after 17 years and still not a word, after 17 years and still she’s starting to doubt that theres a God to be heard, for what kind of God would give her a mother and a father who don’t give a damn about her. Her whole life they have told her, “You are just a mistake, and wanted by no one”. Its 6 a.m on a Friday morning, as she swallows those pills, and waits for the sunrise. With nothing left, she closes her eyes. With nothing left, she closes those eyes.

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