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Lonely Kids In Dead End Homes by Judges

Released on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
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Hidden Stares Lyrics (by Judges)

This was never the life she had dreamed of. A mother, a wife, this life isn’t for her. The hidden affairs, the empty stares from her so called “loved ones”. Her husband now in jail, a single mother, on the brink of poverty. Broken and alone, struggling to keep her family’s home. Broken and alone. Struggling to keep her life on track, struggling to keep her faith in tact. After every dollar has been spent, all the broken promises to pay the rent. She goes home to her daughter, another night spent alone. It’s about time she hits the bottle, drinks until there’s nothing left, or until her head hits the table. This is routine, this is all that she will ever know. This is routine, another night spent alone.

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