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Lonely Kids In Dead End Homes by Judges

Released on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
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Portraits Of A Prison Town Lyrics (by Judges)

Another day in this beat down cell, just trying to forget what I remember so well. A young man just driving home, he never thought his life would end so quickly. I could never forgive myself for stealing his life. I never thought that is what my drinking would do. Now I have years to regret, I now know my whole life, I will regret. My whole life to his, I am in debt. My whole life, I’m in debt. I tried praying, but that has never worked, I tried my writing, but man, it hurts. I give up on any hope that I have ever had. I always knew that I would die a lonely and bitter man. I am alone, and I am a man of no worth. I will always be alone, as I have been for so long.

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