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Lonely Kids In Dead End Homes by Judges

Released on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
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Presidential Affairs Lyrics (by Judges)

He yearns for a day when there will be nothing holding him back from his true meaning in life. A day when he can look himself in the mirror and see a man who is worth just one thing. But until that day comes, he will settle with anger, until that day comes he will settle with emptiness. They don’t know a thing about him, and they’ll never know how lonely he feels, until they’ve walked a mile in his shoes, and watched all of their friends die. For a country that cares more about lining their pockets, than they do the innocent thousand who are dying for their cause. So with nothing left to lose he digs through his dresser for bullets. “I’ll show all of them I’ve got the guts. They won’t ever doubt a common man like me again. ‘Cause soon I’ll have the whole world on its knee’s, with this gun in my hands, I’ll take his life with ease”. On a crowded street the president he takes aim, pulls the trigger down now they all know his name.

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