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Dreamtime by Kane Miller

Released on Monday, March 21st, 2011
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Heartache World Lyrics (by Kane Miller)

We both knew that it was over
But we tried just the same
Thought it would go on forever
Is that really quite insane?
But could we help it if we knew that
It was just in someway?

Now we're gone in this true heartache world

The cold dark sits down upon me
The old piper plays his tune
He sings 'bout the blonde haired girl
And her big dark haired buffoon
They lost touch with one another
But they know they'll be back soon

In this true heartache world

Oh, but how could you know?
It's not how this story goes
Just a whole mess of words
Jumbled up into a poem
In the dark you stand alone
Thinking where you want to go
But the coldness inside
Makes it all your very own

I walk streets filled with hate
Anger bounces off walls
All the time I think about you
Is there reason to call?
In the end I find the sadness
That shows where I've gone so wrong

In this true heartache world
In this true heartache world

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