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Dreamtime by Kane Miller

Released on Monday, March 21st, 2011
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In the End Lyrics (by Kane Miller)

And in the end
You walk away
Life isn't short
But you've got today
Thinking of where
You want to be
Far from here

Now that she's gone
She flew away
Into the stars
To her own place
Looking for friends
Fleeing from you
Out of the blue

And you are stuck
Wondering why
You didn't get
Another try
Being Apart
Is harder I guess
Than being with you

And in the end
She broke your heart
Thinking of why
She left a scar
Trying to tell
Everything's truth
Won't get you far

Walking the streets
You run away
Hiding from thoughts
Of the bad days
Then you are trapped
In your own mind
Captured by time

You scream and shout
Nothing else helps
Drinking alone
Gets you to hell
Falling apart
From your own self
Trying to help

And in the end
Everything's fine
Lying in wait
For the next time
Knowing that it
Will never come
Everything's lost

But it's ok
Everything's right
Waiting for you
One more long night
Knowing that she
Is gone for good
And stuck in this world

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