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From Her and Here by Lastletters.

Released on Thursday, December 8th, 2011
More lyrics from From Her and HereMoment of Separation, Present Passing, Away, The Future is Fading/The Past is Still Begging, Just Outside the Reach, I Don't Want to Lie Here Anymore,

Crushing Petals Lyrics (by Lastletters.)

I was wishing for roses. I was praying for petals surrounding something special, along the surface of the water. But nothing ever comes. No, no one ever comes. Into the years of isolation...

I've been completely alone. In some subtle way I'm begging for the day when that "something" is no longer missing. These are my dreams unfulfilled:

This expression of love I've kept to myself is useless and faded now, I've given it up. I have never loved. There are times when i wish i could confide in someone, or something, but somehow I can't reach that place. Here I am again searching for direction I can't find in myself. When I look to the world for some kind of connection all my faith just drains away.

I remember feeling most alive when she kissed me and I said goodbye. Those were times when I felt that I could never escape. I was holding on to what was safe despite the need to separate. Sometimes bonds just won't break. But I walked away from that familiar face, I knew that lonely times would await. I walked away because I never found my place... And I'm still searching.

Still dreaming of the beautiful ends but they're nowhere to be seen, they are always out of reach. I've chased this dream, eager but exhausted, through so many sleepless nights. The longing never stops...

Waiting for something great, for more than life can give.

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