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From Her and Here by Lastletters.

Released on Thursday, December 8th, 2011
More lyrics from From Her and HereMoment of Separation, Present Passing, Away, Crushing Petals, Just Outside the Reach, I Don't Want to Lie Here Anymore,

The Future is Fading/The Past is Still Begging Lyrics (by Lastletters.)

"I put my love in the ground before I ever met my love and I've convinced myself that nothing on this earth will ever be enough."

So when the petals fall upon your chest and the earth makes do of what is left, tell me all your fears were worth being kept. Tell me this is what defines you, tell me this is what makes you who you are. No one's going to save us, we are all we have. No one's going to find us lying sleepless in our beds. We'll never get back the time we've wasted hating ourselves and always wanting more. Fuck what once was, fuck what will be. If I'm suffering now, it's only because I've been focusing on these things. I'm caught somewhere between where I once was and where I've always wanted to be.

"Love is just a picture that we hang in admiration, abstract and up for anyones interpretation. For me it's always been black and white, the silhouette of a figure lying on it's side. It's been so long since I've seen color in my life."

But it goes on with or without us. We're young, we've only just begun, but we're giving up because we've been waiting so long and still nothing has come. We separate ourselves with all that we think and feel. They're gathering flowers for us, a wreath for our despair.

Buy track The Future is Fading/The Past is Still Begging directly from Lastletters. (via Bandcamp).