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Hunger Of Lions EP by laughing man

Released on Sunday, June 5th, 2011
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Good To Know Lyrics (by laughing man)

I climbed the west embankment, up to the ridge
under the spell enchantment I knew the night to be a friend
water in my eyes, given to me by the land and sky
and by the sea

the end of a certain phase begins anew
and all of the many ways we're known to do
we haven't the slightest idea how the bond was made
but one thing I know certainly, and so do you

we're who we are
and from afar, we turn away

I heard a sound, gone underground
don't know our way, but that's ok
it's gotta be a questionnaire, in disrepair
by the sea

the city inside of me becomes a friend
giving its foundaries a place to send
all of the ore and chemicals it's got to use
to get my economy around the bend

the hammers chime
time after time
don't know our way, but that's ok
it's gotta be a questionnaire, in disrepair
by the sea


so I told you wrong
and I've known it all along
I can't believe my eyes
silver skies raining flax and gold
and holy sheets of fleece
my two feet are burning hot and cold
the pharisees and me cannot see
what's about to unfold
and by arenas, bleak
with the stain of bloodlust grown cold
I'm overcome by

things I'd never known before now
rings of light were sewn in a house divided
none in peace of mind
so far down, inside it
underneath the rind
that is where I find you

and then I'm up again
I'd always had my shit together
but better hers than his
remember where we were when I said I never wanted kids, I just want the world
you laugh
and then a flower curled, warm, and glowing green
fell from up, down to my eulogy
and on towards the sea
plasticine and brimming with deceit
I suck the life away

(go down, way down, inside it)

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