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Bodies Of Water by Make Do And Mend

Released on Monday, March 30th, 2009
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Father Lyrics (by Make Do And Mend)

I watched the fireworks explode, and from your shoulders I could see a different world. No lies, no hate, no fear, no pain, just flashes of blue and yellow flame. I smiled, you smiled, but smiles can fade.
How am I a product of this man? I’ve watched the sunrise on his skin; I’ve felt the warm touch of his hand. Father I hope you understand, that I’ve been running from your eyes, but now I’m coming back again.
Calendar pages hit the floor counting the days and years before sons become men, plans change, paths bend, until I’m not your little one anymore. The winters pass, now I see your face in the mirrored glass, reminding me to slow down. Because my early grays, and the bags under my eyes prove the case that I cant handle the weight. I don’t want to be here alone. Father it’s been to long, take your son’s hand and walk me home.