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Bodies Of Water by Make Do And Mend

Released on Monday, March 30th, 2009
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TL Lyrics (by Make Do And Mend)

We were kids on that sylvan street where you lived. There were fears, but they were never ours for those years. Like your Grandpa’s car broken down by your front door stairs, we were never meant to move, life couldn’t touch us there.
Do your hands shake when you think of the ways that we lived? Does your heart ache just to turn back the pages again? Back to Dan and Jose teasing us in your basement chairs. Back to Braeburn days and the way best friends were better there. Nothing gold ever cared.
And I know we said we’d never change, in our back yard world we knew we’d stay the same. But those times were fleeting like the summer days. We were bodies of water, destined to flow our separate ways.
We let is slip away. We didn’t earn these smiles, and we didn’t earn life’s easier miles, but we were the best friends the world had seen from a while.