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The Return Of No Point CD (2005) by Man Without Plan

Released on Sunday, July 31st, 2005
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Brutal Occupation Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

wide open, weighed down with options
locked in to a brutal occupation
this administration will entertain no negotiations
vindicated, free of constraint and aggravation
watch as I open my hand
anticipate what might be inside
wake up at home in a flash of lightning
go out and run full speed in the dark on the sand
if you doubt me at all then you'll probably never understand
peace, you'll never experience
freedom is out of your reach
hope is as likely as justice, washed up like a shell in a storm on a beach
remember always to breathe, your physical strength is a lie
channel the flames through your body
maniacal exists, like everything else, in the beholder's eye
extended, you've spent all your energy
you're constantly hungry and weak
get on your feet, it's late already
all must be reinvented
heal the wounds of the living and destroy the work of the dead
invent all new reasons for trying and avoid being so easily misled
demand that realignment is undertaken to the fullest
anything else would be a waste of time