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A History In 11 Parts (split CD w/Super Hi-5) (1999) by Man Without Plan

Released on Monday, May 31st, 1999
More lyrics from A History In 11 Parts (split CD w/Super Hi-5) (1999)Hip-Deep, It's Probably Nothing, Step One: Define The Problem, Stop Singing, Moron,

Falling Out A First-Floor Window That I Thought Was A Fourth-Floor Window Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

If you ever needed me to sign a letter of recommendation
I'd do so, with elation
few times in my life that I've been more grateful for
than you walking through that door
I won't tell you a thing
look at these anomalies in my supposed hermit nature
how could anybody hate you?
when just the day before
dying at the airport
cause I've never been anything but a good sport