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Commence Primary Ignition 7" - VINYL RIP (1997) - FREE DOWNLOAD! by Man Without Plan

Released on Sunday, August 31st, 1997
More lyrics from Commence Primary Ignition 7" - VINYL RIP (1997) - FREE DOWNLOAD!Trickle-Down Homicide, SR388,

Fascinating, Captain Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

you did it again, kid
but then, when have you ever learned?
it's pathetic to watch, like a ten year-old kid
with his brain unplugged and his vocal cords pinned
fumble in the dark but you won't find the switch
and we're so far from the end of this
accolades that you never earned
all the skills that you never learned
I know one thing that's for sure
no one cares how little sleep you got
no one cares how sick you feel
all they really care about is them, and theirs
and obtaining their next meal