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Futility Metaphors CD (2003) by Man Without Plan

Released on Friday, January 31st, 2003
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If It Is To Be So... Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

I wish that I could care
I'd love to play the game
but your greatest shame, to me is just a blushing shade
the awkward silence is not so violent
it can't destroy
I prefer to think of it as lack of noise
and your awful expressions, in visage and language
trying hard to be average, but to me, it's unnatural
all I see in these people is their capacity for evil
divisive devices; incisive, inside us
cartwheeling razors and spiralling scissors
spinning and weightless in this whirlwind of errors
I showed them only what they wanted to be shown
did not tell them anything they did not already know
as ever, this road leads to another road
those colors of yours
shining, burning
inside, it's all shining, burning