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Commence Primary Ignition 7" - VINYL RIP (1997) - FREE DOWNLOAD! by Man Without Plan

Released on Sunday, August 31st, 1997
More lyrics from Commence Primary Ignition 7" - VINYL RIP (1997) - FREE DOWNLOAD!Fascinating, Captain, Trickle-Down Homicide,

SR388 Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

I'm sucking life through a straw
I remember things I never saw
but I'm on top, I am the boss
if there is no risk, then there is no cost
it's where I can win, it's where I am king
it's where height and weight and a pretty face
all fade away into a haze of semi-unimportant gray
I'm all hooked up through a single wire
more buttons than my heart desires
but I'm on top, I cannot fall
I am indefatigably strong