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A History In 11 Parts (split CD w/Super Hi-5) (1999) by Man Without Plan

Released on Monday, May 31st, 1999
More lyrics from A History In 11 Parts (split CD w/Super Hi-5) (1999)Hip-Deep, It's Probably Nothing, Stop Singing, Moron, Falling Out A First-Floor Window That I Thought Was A Fourth-Floor Window,

Step One: Define The Problem Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

you looked at me as if I could have done handsprings on the water and you wouldn't have been surprised
intelligent looks from sentient eyes
frightening looks that had me hypnotized
everybody's lying to me
they can't possibly see the picture that I see
I didn't bring this on myself...or did I?
drag me behind a car till I don't lie to you anymore
even if I had tried
I'm opening eyes I didn't have before
and all I'm seeing is open sores
I'm wandering down abandoned streets
and all kinds of shit is falling on me