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Commence Primary Ignition 7" - VINYL RIP (1997) - FREE DOWNLOAD! by Man Without Plan

Released on Sunday, August 31st, 1997
More lyrics from Commence Primary Ignition 7" - VINYL RIP (1997) - FREE DOWNLOAD!Fascinating, Captain, SR388,

Trickle-Down Homicide Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

I saw a squirrel the other day, he was hit by a car
with three broken legs, he didn't get far
he had blood on his mouth and all over his chest
he lay by the curb and he cringed in defense when I stopped and I crouched at the curb, by his side
he didn't know then but he had already died
there was a rock right nearby, I could have smashed his little head
or kept on walking past him home instead
but I couldn't do either, I was stuck in place
I couldn't get over the look on his face
so I went and got Chris and we called Animal Control
we pondered his fate as we stood in the cold
the lady ????? when the van it arrived
then she hoisted him into a cage from inside
and then she drove off with a smile and a nod
inside, a gray body five inches wide
what compelled me to do what I did, I don't know
at least, not for sure; I have a hypothesis, though
I think it was when I first bent to his side
when he thought it was me that would be ending his life
I must say, I was moved by the fear in his eyes
to do something right for once in my life