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I Feel Badly CD (2000) by Man Without Plan

Released on Tuesday, February 29th, 2000
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Zero Residual Presence Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

alienate your peers
alleviate your fears
try and tell them "best of luck"
but all that comes out is "kill die fuck"
you know you've never felt good before
enamored with an armored car
you want to get out but there's nowhere to park
you know you're always on the shut side of the door
drop what you're holding and crouch by the bed
and try to apologize for all the fucked-up things you said and did
imagine cool hands on your skin like needles and pins
you're haggard, staggering
dilated, more pupil than eyelid
in the winter, make gloves of sleeves
a little more four walls, please
lungs on fire, terrified
shut off the feelings, sanitize
keep it simple, sterile, dry
speak my name and cloud the sky