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The Return Of No Point CD (2005) by Man Without Plan

Released on Sunday, July 31st, 2005
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Zombies In The Sun Lyrics (by Man Without Plan)

(lyrics by Chris Skowronski)
I had the strangest dream last night
in which I met a crew of zombies
they told me that roaming the earth all night
left them little time for hobbies
so I took them to the park
and we all went on the swings
and we talked about the NBA
and lots of other things
we were laughing in the park
we were in the sun
we were having fun
had this other dream last night
in which I saw you at the beach
you set up a towel right near mine
you were just within my reach
so I asked you for a walk
and we walked along the sea
and I told you that I missed you
and you told me the same thing too
we were laughing by the sea
we were in the sun
we were having fun

(lyrics by Barclay)
rewire the power grid
admire the flowers on your way
it's so sad, I know, watching everything decay
knowing nothing will remain