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Mars Hollow by Mars Hollow

Released on Sunday, March 28th, 2010
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Eureka Lyrics (by Mars Hollow)

(c) 2010 Words and Music by Mars Hollow

I lit a candle and
Watched it burn
To get a handle on
What I learned
To search for reasons that
Things move on
Life just teases and
Then it's gone

This is my story
My book so far
The dirt and glory
In every part

So this tale has
Yet to end
My own fable is
Just pretend

Scribe - write that tale
Page after page every day
I must prevail
Eureka could be on its way
Any day
Any day or not at all

The endless cycles of up and down
I write the bible of lost and found

With every sunrise another page
A chapter growing with each new day

One more sunrise and
One more page
I await Eureka
Every day

Buy track Eureka directly from Mars Hollow (via Bandcamp).