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Mars Hollow by Mars Hollow

Released on Sunday, March 28th, 2010
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If I Were You Lyrics (by Mars Hollow)

If I Were You
(c) 2010 Words and Music by Mars Hollow

Wish that I could be you for just one day
How'd it be for me to think and to live that way
Maybe then I would see I would realize
Just who you are

Just one day inside of your head
Just one night of sleep in your bed
Maybe then I would know who you are
I don't know now

I would learn what to do if I were you
Always know what to say and just what to do
I would quit all the things that you hate

I would know why you don't listen sometimes
I could go to that silent place where you hide
I would see all the pictures of fear

I would see that you do what you can
It was me who turned tail and ran
I would know how alone you can feel
If I were you

If I were you for a little while
A day of two with your certain smile
And in your shoes I could walk a mile
Then I would know

I wish I knew how to lend a hand
Just what to do in this foreign land
If I were you I would understand
If I were you

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