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Mars Hollow by Mars Hollow

Released on Sunday, March 28th, 2010
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Wild Animal Lyrics (by Mars Hollow)

Wild Animal
(c) 2010 Words and Music by Mars Hollow

Well good morning to you
In the middle of the night
There is so much to do
Gotta eat before it's light
Maybe something over here
Heard it crawl across the floor
I can always smell the fear as it races for the door

Wild wild animal
I'm a wild wild animal

I won't ever shed my skin
I won't ever eat my children
Very groomed and very thin
Always ready for some killin'
Nature tells me what to do
I have tendencies and wishes
When I'm looking up at you
I see something quite delicious

I am planning an escape
It will start with a distraction
It could happen any day
I will have my satisfaction

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