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Arms & Militaria by Move to Strike

Released on Saturday, February 13th, 2010
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She Was a Thunderstorm Lyrics (by Move to Strike)

Oh, she draws a crowd like moths draw to light,
And she charts the room like a butterfly on it’s first flight.
The rules work around her like an ambulance in traffic.
This intrigue pulls me closer, she’s electrostatic.
‘Cause this is not something flesh and blood alone can stand.

Hide me away in Your Love,
and throw away the key,
‘cause I can’t take what I deserve.

I’m mesmerized by her silvery eyes,
She’s like thunderstorms to my blue skies,
It’s better than she doesn’t know.
I propose a toast to the ones who dare to believe in a chance that was never there.

For all these pixelated words are failed attempts to recreate.
Tell me is this fiction, tell me anything but tell it straight.
You run like steel through my veins but I’m not here to force Your Hand.
And this is not something flesh and blood alone can stand.

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