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Another Day, Another Religion by New Pokerface

Released on Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
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A Song Of Loss Lyrics (by New Pokerface)

life is passing me by and you are gone. you will not save me from myself. I need you here with me and myself. I am off to find something more in life, a voice to carry on. no, why did you go so far away. and it hurts to know that it’s been a while since we talked for hours without pain. it still hurts. so far away. no why did you go. the days you were alive, I miss those times when you held my hand. I felt so safe. come near to me. the things I haven’t said to you. I’m tormented by the songs I couldn’t sing for you. so beautiful. so wonderful. time will heal the wounds, as days go by, but I’ll always keep missing you. time will heal the wounds, as years go by, but I’ll always keep missing you.

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