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Swingers by New Pokerface

Released on Thursday, April 28th, 2011
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Darlington Park Lyrics (by New Pokerface)

can I open my own chest now
I can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about my world,
where souls will walk around these dark and misty roads.

I will bleed till death, yeah I know I will,
there’s no cure, but time is on my side.
graves will wait, for warmth and apathy.

for what it’s worth, I still did it on my own
it’s cold inside, so please take me home.
Saint Catherina, get me out of this place.

and now bottles reach for my hand,
but to what road, it all seems down to me.
I don’t wanna be here, by the end of this day.

I can’t see clear under influence
can’t wash my hands in innocence
I wished the night would soon be gone.

another night, my thoughts are sinking
I wished these lights would go off and on again
I’ll get back up, for another race at Darlington Park, to burn it all away.

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