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cole peterson. by Zed

Released on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
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i'm sorry Lyrics (by Zed)

g d em c throughout

oh friend i know we've been through a lot these past few weeks
but i've got something that i think i have to speak
see my friends are introducing me to people i don't know as
that one kid who always plays his


and i didn't take it personally
'till i looked at where i was
look at where i am now wri-ting-this-song on
the floor of my room, empty and alone
can't pick up the phone because i'm playing this


i think that we're not going very far
when we're together, in this musical endeavor
all the time we've spent together
don't think it's meaningless
don't think that i don't love you
but i need to take a break
you can call it a hiatus oh

i need to take a break
you can call it a hiatus if you will


i've written all these lines and
i've spent all this time
but i've got other lines to learn
you are not the only thing i yearn
my life stands in the level of your dreams
we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
i know thy constellation is right apt for this affair
ruby are you contemplating going out somewhere

all these lines are mixing and i feel like i need fixing tonight

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