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Nick Stutsman/Cameron Boucher Split by Nick Stutsman

Released on Monday, August 8th, 2011
More lyrics from Nick Stutsman/Cameron Boucher Splitcutesie cigarettes, east coast song, kyra (acoustic),

broken bones Lyrics (by Nick Stutsman)

I met you through a mutual friend in the attic of your parents house.
I thought you were the prettiest thing that i'd ever seen.

do you remember falling from the balcony?
you picked yourself up and laughed it off.
you picked yourself up off the ground and laughed it off.

I drove four hours just to see you again,
and we burned our bridges to our mutual friends,
just to say, we cared more about each other.

'cause i've been breaking my bones just trying to get you alone.
and i've been taking these pills, they turn my heart into stone.
i can't feel anything. i can't feel anything anymore.

do you remember in your apartment, buried in crushed cigarettes?
we made love to your favorite song, we kissed and i held you tighter than ever before.

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