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Nick Stutsman/Cameron Boucher Split by Nick Stutsman

Released on Monday, August 8th, 2011
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east coast song Lyrics (by Nick Stutsman)

when everyone's asleep, we'll engage in something deep, dark and devestating. i'm on the edge of caving. maybe we should head north to where home was once before. before all this dumb shit happened, keep your seatbelt fastened or go through the windshield. rest your head in the cornfields. cause home is where you make it.

when everyone was asleep you told me you couldn't believe anything that i was saying. hope to God that people are praying for your well being, for the things you shouldn't be seeing. dad had a heart attack, he hung himself in the room out back. thanks a lot dad, i'm not even that mad. but a good FUCK YOU is in order.

no i dont miss the coast. but what i do miss the most is all of those long car rides to the beach late at night. maybe one day youll come visit. maybe one day i will listen. yeah right, fat chance you say. come home another day.

or stay where you are. but that's kind of far from where i am.

maybe one day youll come visit, maybe one day i will listen.

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