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WHATEVER FOREVER (Nick Stutsman/Scott Switzer Split) by Nick Stutsman

Released on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
More lyrics from WHATEVER FOREVER (Nick Stutsman/Scott Switzer Split)Angels and Demons,

Puddle of Water Lyrics (by Nick Stutsman)

Maybe I won't be there in the morning, but in a few years time I'll be lying next to you in the same bed each night. And the words that you're saying are like dams breaking. Soon the water will swallow me whole, but it won't matter if I drown. Or die.

'Cause this bed was made for two. God knows it misses you. And my kitchen feels so lonely when these drugs have failed me. And when I come down, you're still not here.

Buy track Puddle of Water directly from Nick Stutsman (via Bandcamp).