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Oceanographer by Ninjas With Syringes

Released on Thursday, May 12th, 2011
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Planet Carrier Lyrics (by Ninjas With Syringes)

I am the absence of matter
I’ve got my faithful illusions
I lack ambivalence
Subsistence through denial

I’ve gotta access emotion
And have the strength to carry through
You’ve got significance
Does this make you care?
When it goes…
On with out you don’t be the liar still
I’ve been gone along time and way passed my primetime

I’ve got the instincts to fight it
And have the courage to see this through
But without significance
Unacknowledged deception

Question the substance of matter
And draw my fatal conclusions
Am I benevolent?
Omnipotent desire?
When I have…
No wants, nor needs, all events are foreseen
I’ve been gone along time and way passed my primetime.

Jenny knows my problems she rare;y has the courage to solve them but she goes any time you’re near let’s kick the dust off the axis or kick this into gear. I don’t believe. Fuck yeah.

Validate my own conception of indifference categorized humancentric imperative nonmaleficence notions of civility gradually explain your curiosity. Planet carry your fears the earth it swings on her gears taking it’s power lapse the weight it falls on the back. Jenny and problems she rarely has the courage to solve them but she goes anytime your near let’s kick the earth off her axis or kick it…

On with out you Don’t be the liar now
I’ve been gone a long time and way passed my primetime
Jenny comeback devise a planned counter attack
I’ve been lost with action lived a life of distraction
I’ve got the substance the matters.

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