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Old Arc E.P. by Old Arc

Released on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
More lyrics from Old Arc E.P.Chief of Sun, Poster Boy,

Merchant Cross Lyrics (by Old Arc)

Make a bloody name for yourself, while I open up the fire escape
I could write it off as someone else, if I had a million dollars to pay
Get your fuckin' hands up off my shelf, I did not want to involve the police
The difference in loans--you think I feel complacent? well your fuckin' with the intentions of a dead man.

Face down at the waist, they discipline ceremonially in sin,
and when the coroner cried, he didn't know what a divine accident he'd stumbled into

You'd best believe me, honey. I've got diseases, honey.
You underestimate the bones i'd break to contract them all on you, honey

All the bones i'd break to contract them all on you

FREE Download: Old Arc - Merchant Cross.mp3 (via Bandcamp).