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Close your eyes, you won't feel a thing by Olive Anne

Released on Thursday, December 31st, 2009
More lyrics from Close your eyes, you won't feel a thingAll my hope on God is founded, Am I bored or am I boring?, Up the stairs, There are still some shards of affection, but they're embedded in my foot,

200 Years Lyrics (by Olive Anne)

200 years on and everything’s the same, i’m still a throwaway part in a global game. nothing more than part of a statistic to powers which can only be described as sadistic. and still i find myself following the people who tell me ‘close your eyes and you won’t feel a thing’ but i don’t wanna grow up thinking only of profit, if that’s what our society’s about then i don’t wanna be part of it. it would be wrong to take what i’ve been given and run despite that the hand that feeds is a handsome one, but they say that beauty’s only skin deep and the skin is only masking a world of deceit. why should i become a prop for the ultra rich, a supporter of corruption and the government’s bitch? this hedonistic ghetto surely has an escape and i can find my way out. it will never be too late. i feel like it’s my duty as a human being to protest against the mindless violence that i’m seeing, but if you raise your voice you get silenced by the police. law and order over freedom of speech. i won’t take this bullying any more. i’m gonna finally stand up for the people who never had a choice and the animals who never had a voice. we can deny our responsibilities, walk away and numb ourselves to reality. they say that ignorance is bliss. it remains the common philosophy that the best policy is apathy and that if you close your eyes you won’t have to feel a thing. i hope i never lose this youthful arrogance because these foolish ideals right now make perfect sense. you will never make me conscienceless though i find that living is a constant test, but still i do my best to not become the consumer i detest. i’m only learning but it’s better than nothing.

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