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Close your eyes, you won't feel a thing by Olive Anne

Released on Thursday, December 31st, 2009
More lyrics from Close your eyes, you won't feel a thingAll my hope on God is founded, Up the stairs, 200 Years, There are still some shards of affection, but they're embedded in my foot,

Am I bored or am I boring? Lyrics (by Olive Anne)

we were 500 miles away but we all felt just the same. we were desperately seeking an escape from the routine, old habits emerged, we were stuck in a machine. this will be the mantra for the rest of our lives, numb your brains from nine til five so you’ve got cash to spend on distorting your mind, soon the gullet isn’t good enough, we stick it in our eyes. i can’t stand the thought of breaking my shackles, im scared every time that my mind’s unchained. we would’ve gone insane without a chemical distraction in the heart of the country for seven sober days. i find it frustrating that i can’t communicate unless i’m on my way to being intoxicated. through my paralysis i observed poison strumming on the optic nerve, i feel my throat tightening. this direction’s frightening, a purgatory we found between loving and fighting. we were seeking adventure and we wanted to explore, but the only thing i learned is that im pacified and bored, our intrinsic rhythms stick to the tracks of the grain and we’re hostile to anything that taxes our brain.

FREE Download: Olive Anne - Am I bored or am I boring?.mp3 (via Bandcamp).