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Close your eyes, you won't feel a thing by Olive Anne

Released on Thursday, December 31st, 2009
More lyrics from Close your eyes, you won't feel a thingAll my hope on God is founded, Am I bored or am I boring?, 200 Years, There are still some shards of affection, but they're embedded in my foot,

Up the stairs Lyrics (by Olive Anne)

every day on my way home i pass through council flats and fly tip spots and realise how little of the world i know. i’ve been living a life surrounded by materials and creature comforts, there;s so many places i have yet to go. as i stare out of the window i ask myself how it became that one man can be expendable and another can be a saint. and i understand that if your dream is to climb to the top then you must be talking about a structure with stairs, and the stairs lead up from the basement where the peasants live, and its in terrible condition but who cares? what d’you wanna be when you grow up? it’s time to start deciding. i know what i wanna be, i don’t wanna be like you. cos everyday when you wake up you’re the same as you were yesterday, nothing’s changed and i think you know that too.

FREE Download: Olive Anne - Up the stairs.mp3 (via Bandcamp).