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Boys And Girls Mixtape by Olu

Released on Sunday, February 13th, 2011
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Holding Back Lyrics (by Olu)

Holding Back

Verse 1
I dunno what you had against me...I dont even know what you had for me.
But what I do know is, you the reason why I'm never ever once again gonna be the old me, You changed me.
All them times when you'd change your mind...Couldn't really think for yourself and I....
Guess I took advantage of it all, But I apoligize.
Not for the wasted time, but for my lack of sight
Cause I was blinded by your beauty, you gave me some sort of high
I sware when I'm close to you, my heart would beat so fast, sometimes it'd skip
Thats when I knew my life's in danger, thats when I knew its time to dip
Cause I got the mind of a player, just wanted to score, never ever thought that I would get played
Never shouldve caught feelings, cause you had me out before I even made it to home base
Never let me have it, Cause it wasn't vacant, Somebody else had your body for the takin
And I couldn't deal with the guilt so I waited, Too many months, days, minutes that I wasted
I fell for felt much as you wanted to you couldn't take a chance....
Cause you had to stay real to your man, And all the rumors almost broke what you had
For that I'm sorry. Never meant to be a homewrecker, delete my number from your cellular...
When I ask you how you feel, you lie, and I know what you really wanna tell me is...

Verse 2
Can't put fine print on love....Its unconditional
And if you couldn't see that from the start, get an eye doctor and visit him
Life is just too short, and time is oh so precious
Remember when we wasted it? And I just said forget it?
Cause I didn't wanna be your number 2, backup plan, incase you took a turn for the worse with your man
I dont play second to no one, I didnt wanna share you, but you didnt understand
Now I'm lookin stupid, tryna figure out why you put me through the things you did,
You led me on, through your path of lies that I blindly took, it's bullshit
But I cant pin this all on you, I too was holdin back,
Everytime we chilled I would think: what if I had something just like you had?
A girl I could truly call my own, Who would take me back when I fucked up bad
Hurting her would only hurt myself. Because she'd be my other half....And I realize..
That you have exactly that, and it'd kill you if he'd ever leave
And that goes Vice Versa for him, cause you got his virginity
And I just can't deal with all that guilt, inside its all just killin me
Cause I know that he's a good person, and shouldn't have to deal with me
So take this as my apology, and know that I never meant to break your bond
Cause I'm just not the kind of guy who'd purposely end something strong
Take care of her like I know you will. I hope that you last a long, long, time
Girl Im just glad that you found happiness and I hope soon I'll find mine.

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