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Boys And Girls Mixtape by Olu

Released on Sunday, February 13th, 2011
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Love You Like That Lyrics (by Olu)

Love You Like That
I dunno why you lookin at me, quit lookin at me, what you lookin at me for
Im too busy being young, havin fun, too loose to be tied down, so i cant be yours
So dont even say that 4 letter word, baby girl, Cause I aint really bout it like that
Chiddy told me that life is a party, Im too damn young, cant love you like that

Cute girl, seen her all around campus, I dont know a thing about her, so I ask somebody
All my dudes keep sayin she a prude, but my chick friends tellin me to get it cause she wants me
Always talkin about me and shit, sayin that she loves my songs and she really wanna hook up
Iight then, someone get her over here right now tell her I just wanna say wasssup
Girl you cold.....snow white, and you lookin so good in them apple bottom jeans
I just want a bite, lets cut. If I eat you out, will you sleep with me?
Girl im playin, yeah we laugh a lil bit, sip a couple drinks, then I took her back to my place
Good sex. Up until she said this when she woke up on my chest with a smile on her face...(like...)

Girl how you gonna play that shit, quit talkin bout love, I dont know what that word means
We got it on last night, that was it. So I hope you dont think that this shits a long term thing..
I dont have the time.....I barely know you, but maybe it'd be cool if we met soon and got food
So quit trashin my whole damn apartment and fuckin up my carpet....bitch you Koo-Koo
You see the last dude that the girl dated was a bad romance, now this ladys goin gaga
Probly set somethin off in her head, cause she tellin everyone we exclusive and what not
I send a text to my chick friend's cell..."What the hell? How the fuck you aint tell me she was skitzo"?
She replied: That her ex broke it off and she needs a new man. Why the fuck you pick me for?

So my friend that was tryna hook the two of us up, is sayin she was only tryna help a friend out
Cause her boyfriend made her lose her mind, and she really likes my rhymes, number 1 fan, no doubt.
Thats exactly what you dont do, never let ya friends hook you up, now I think I gotta stalker
Im pretty sure the other day when I got up out of class she was sittin on the bench just watchin.
She sent a few hundred texts, all about how she wants me, needs me, and cant live without me
Soon them texts turned into death threats, throwin eggs at my door, and spreadin rumors about me
This is getin old, girl you need to get the fuck over it, get therapy, and quit actin up
I didnt really know if it'd ever end. So I fucked a couple of her friends just to get back at her.

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