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Boys And Girls Mixtape by Olu

Released on Sunday, February 13th, 2011
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Right Now (Produced By Olu) Lyrics (by Olu)

Right Now

Right here, right now girl, Imma make love to you like I have nobody
Cause never really get enough of it, and I just wanna have somebody
Imma give you all I got, cause right now you're my one and only
And Im only human, girl, just like you.....

Verse 1
Woke up this morning, and I realized that all I really got's myself
Spendin so much time on my music grind, startna see its bad for my health
I dont even get calls or texts no more, cause I never really send them out
Cuz I dont even know who my friends are anymore, since I moved to this town
Everybody's in my face with their shit, olu this, olu that
And half of em are always fake and jockin me just cause I rap
Feelin like everytime that I gain a fan, I lose another friend
Never felt more alone than I do right now, I just want this shit to end

Verse 2
Always lookin for a girl that was perfect, I missed out on the ones that wanted me
Spendin so much time, just searchin, that I miss the things in front of me
I get so much attention.....but at the same time I just never get enough
I dont know whats real anymore, Im about a half-step from givin up
Ayy girl dont go just yet, just stay for a minute, keep me company
Cause the truth is I dont really have anybody, and I just dont want you leave
19 living all alone, out of touch with my family, my life is a mess
And its all my fault, to tell the truth, think I just might be depressed

Verse 3
Girl you're all I really got right now, cause I dont know who to trust
Errybody turns their back on me if not makin tracks, everythings fucked up
But I guess thats just my luck, and its just what I wanted, right?
People to listen to what I gotta say.....Just wish that it wasnt through a mic
But Im startin to feel alright, cause Im here with you right now
And I need you to stay more than you know, girl Im so down and out
So lets act like all we got is each other, even if its just pretend
And Tonight lets make this love, like youre never gonna see me again

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